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Reasons why your wedding/Event needs our photobooth

The real reasons why you should have our wedding photo booth

When you think about your wedding reception and the close friends and family you invite to be your guests, the most important thing in mind is, How can you create and save memories of the day, right?

Unfortunately, that is why you have opted to spend a lot of money hiring a professional photographer to capture your day. Is this correct?

But what about your guests? Sure, there will probably be dozens, if not hundreds of different camera phones taking selfies and group photos for Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Most parties are filled with self-hired photographers waiting to be the first guest to upload photos or videos of your wedding.

But will You get a copy of all of those photos so you can save, treasure, and cherish those candid moments? I bet you not.

This is one of the many other great reasons why wedding photo booths are such a huge hit and a very important part of every marriage celebration. Our photo booth gives your guests a place, and permission, to let loose and take a silly photo either by themselves, with the other guests they came with, their families, and even with YOU!

Setting reasons why you should hire us aside… here is the ultimate list of why you must have a photo booth at your wedding.

1. Wedding Photo Booths Are Entertaining

You don’t want your guests to be bored at your wedding. In fact, you want your guests to have fun, and be entertained. What is a better way to provide ongoing entertainment than by renting a photo booth with props and exaggerated gestures for your wedding? Your guests can be silly, goofy, and wild, with the fun props we provide. and strike poses they might otherwise never have done before. Time flies when you’re having fun, and we recommend making sure your guests can use the photo booth the whole time they are there, and not just for a couple of hours or they might miss out! Nothing better than a couple of drinks and silly faces and gestures.

2. Do It For The Memories

Have you heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well think of the pictures taken in your wedding photo booth…The moment captured in a flash, will tell everlasting stories for years to come.

What is Aunt Jane doing to Uncle Joe?!?

I can’t believe cousin Tyrone thought it was a good idea to wear that!

I’m sure glad Grandma was able to be there… I miss her!

When you have a photo booth, you’re getting snapshots of all your precious guests who were there, so you’ll have them to look back on.

3. Photo Booths Make The Best Party Favors

Every good photo booth should be able to have the option of printing photo strips for the guests. These photo strips can be themed to your wedding, memorializing the date and location of where you tied the knot. As you’ve probably used photo booths at other events, you know that those photo strips end up on the refrigerator, taped to a mirror, or pinned on the wall…Your guests will keep their photo strips and every time they look at them, they will remember your wedding.

4. Photo Guest Books Are Fun Now

Who wants to sign a boring, old-fashioned guest book at your wedding? Take something plain, and make it fun and memorable, by doing a photo guestbook or scrapbook. When your guests take their pictures in your wedding photo booth, an extra photo strip can be printed to be placed in the guestbook. Then your guests can draw pictures and sign their names next to the photo strip, wishing you well. Photo strip guest books are a great keepsake that you will treasure for years to come after your wedding.

5. People Enjoy Having Their Picture Taken

You might be wondering whether or not the guests will use the photo booth. Will it be worth the cost of hiring one? Simply put, your guests will love it, and as much as they are there for you and your day with your soon-to-be husband or wife, it’s an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on them. Give your friends and family the star treatment with a red-carpet photo booth, and let them experience what it's like to have the paparazzi catch them in action. People like having their picture taken, and when they can have it taken with their own family, friends, and loved ones, they’ll be more likely to use it.

6. It's Fun For All Ages

While the dance portion of your wedding might be more appropriate for the adults later in the evening…You can rest assured that the photo booth will be a source of fun for all your guests, no matter their age. Little kids love the fun props and seeing themselves in the pictures. And older guests are happy to be able to get photos with loved ones they probably haven’t seen in a while. So whether your wedding is going to be kid-friendly, or adults-only, the photo booth will be a hit no matter what.

7. Great Alternative To Dancing

Some of your guests might suffer from having “two left feet” and may not feel inclined to dance when the time comes. Rather than leaving them to suffer and sit around drinking and complaining, they can use the photo booth and still be a part of the party! The photo booth might just be the thing that keeps them around long enough for the drinks to kick in and they can find their liquid courage to join the party on the dance floor.

8. Going Social And Sharing Is Caring

Modern photo booths are pretty high-tech, and almost every major photo booth company is able to provide social sharing. This means you and your guests can text/email their photos to themselves to be shared on social media. If you have a hashtag for your wedding, be sure to let your guests know with a sign near the photo booth, or you can customize the photo strip with that information as well. This way, as your friends and family share their photos, they can tag you, and use the hashtag so everyone can see how much fun your wedding reception is.

9. Truly Unique Experiences

With how fast technology is changing and improving, photo booths have definitely kept up with the times. Not only can they capture still pictures like the old-timey photo booths of years past…But they can also capture and record videos, GIFs, and boomerangs, and make video clips like TikTok.These new options mean that your guests will be moving and grooving in the photo booth, and not just striking a pose! The extra fun activities will give your attendees a truly unique experience that will help set your wedding apart from others.

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